Justin Covington is out, ripped, and nerdy, and he's gonna tell you all about it. The Detroit native moved to New York City in 2017 and has been a steadily rising force in the comedy scene ever since. A featured performer at the Whiskey Bear and Motor City Comedy Festivals, Justin's easy-going and likable demeanor lets him tell even the most eyebrow-raising stories and bring down the house everywhere he goes.

Easy season 2 "Side Hustle" (Netflix, 2018)

Live Comedy Festivals/Shows

Limestone Comedy Festival 2019
Las Culturistas’ I Don’t Think So Honey Live 13
Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival (OH) 2016, 2017)
Crom Comedy Festival (NE) 2017
Memphis Comedy Festival 2014, 2018
Gilda’s LaughFest (MI) 2013, 2014, 2015